Submit Down Payment

If you need help with submitting payment, call: 877.614.1176

By clicking on the "Pay Now" button, you agree to the terms of this payment.

You need to pay $250 down payment before we send out a tow truck. Please, note, that we can't send out our tow truck until this payment has been submitted.

This $250 payment is non-refundable. You might be charged an additional down payment when we pick up your vehicle. This is a credit towards the repairs. Towing is free with repairs. If you decide not to get your vehicle repaired, this payment will cover some of our costs towing your vehicle to our shop, and diagnostics.

You also confirm, that you are the card holder making this payment. If you are not the card holder, you need to get the card holder sign and date a credit card authorization on your behalf and fax it to us before you submit the payment. Click here to Download Credit Card Authorization Form.

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